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Why trust our team

Our goal is to provide you with reliable information to make the best decision you can about a home warranty for your home. We have team members devoted full-time to analyzing customer insights, fact-checking content, and identifying each provider’s standout features.

“After I logged into my account, it took 3 mouse clicks and my AC appointment was set up. Fastest, easiest experience I have ever had. I highly recommend this service to all others.”
— TOM F.
“I have had Home warranty for 2 years now. They have fixed and replaced things without any strings attached. The people there are responsive and courteous.”

I am buying a new house and it has already been decided by my wife that the home warranty  This firm belief is the result of the excellent service and support provided by Select in the current home.

Here's how it works.

With an American Home Warranty, getting help for your covered items is easy.

1.Request service by phone. Pay your Trade Service Call Fee.

2.We assign a repair professional.

3.We repair or replace your covered home system or appliance.

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